Kendell Shows

Comic Relief

Kendell Shows was raised by a single mother in San Francisco. She was unpopular, had a fear of public speaking and was basically a social outcast. When she was a teen, she learned her deceased father was the crown prince of Genovia, a small country in Europe. To keep the royal reign from passing to another family due to a broken bloodline, her grandmother, the queen, reached out to Kendell in hopes that she would take her father’s place as the crown princess. While Kendell contemplated her future, her grandmother insisted on turning her from a social misfit to a lady fit for the throne with the help of ‘princess lessons’ that included a makeover fit for a movie montage. What Kendell ultimately discovered during that time was that blood was more important than bloodlines. If you think her life sounds like a coming-of-age comedy based on the 2001 hit film Princess Diaries starring Anne Hathaway, you’d be right. Kendell feared you’d stop reading her bio two sentences in so she decided to spice it up with a little drama.

The boring truth is Kendell grew up in the tame suburbs of Birmingham and graduated from Auburn University with a degree in Mass Communication. She’s been in marketing in one capacity or the other for more than 20 years short of that regrettable brief stint in real estate in the late 2000s. She enjoys writing, procrastinating, and community theatre. Her favorite thing in the world is making others laugh. She just opened her first comedy show in February. She has two children, is married and lives in Dothan, AL. She is currently unemployed.